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First Quarter 2015

Cover Story First Quarter 2015

‘Flip generation leadership’: On being a young director
By Edie Weiner
Young leaders will be board material faster than any previous generation. They will bring into the boardroom a window on the world to come, not the one that was. That’s what I remember doing.

Welcome aboard to your ‘youngster’ on the board
By Dennis Cagan
The addition of a new director always impacts (not always for the good) board dynamics, and if the new director is particularly young this adds even more to the challenge. But a smooth onboarding is doable.

Bringing on a younger director
By Alex Schmelkin
From a young director himself, a few of his recommendations on how a board might best bring on a new young director and have that person readily become a valued contributor.

Recruiting the younger director
By Kim Van Der Zon
Five practices to increase your odds of success, including starting the recruitment process early and setting realistic expectations.


Bridging technology (not generation) gaps in the boardroom
By Jeffery Hilk and Jeffry Powell
Directors locked into traditional ways of operating come in all ages. It’s their ‘pain points’ that surface inefficiencies in board processes.

Gender balance on boards: Five steps to achieve success
By Janice Ellig and Ilene H. Lang
How can any board afford to wait for gender balance? They can’t, not if they hope to be globally competitive. Let’s kick-start the process.

Women on private company boards
By Bernie Tenenbaum
Data show that family companies lead the way.

The Directors & Boards Report: 2015 Proxy Season/Annual Meeting Survey
Whither the proxy proposal—a populist weapon or a useful prod?

How a skilled board should manage an internal investigation
By Paula Anderson and Claudius Sokenu
As the fates of these contrasting boards illustrate, there is much to be lost in shying away from a robust, independent investigation.

Book It: Best bets for board reading
Insights on philanthropy, restructuring, communications, values-based leadership, unrealistic optimism . . . and ‘Dear Children’ advice.

Contributing from day one
By Nancy Calderon and Susan Stautberg
When to talk, what to say, and how to deal with the board’s big shots.

Heidrick & Struggles Governance Letter: Board evolution—a new way to frame board succession
By John T. Thompson and Michael Nieset
Few board issues are more sensitive than moving directors out to make room for new directors. How did these two technology companies manage their board transitions — smartly and without rancor? By adopting these principles and practices.

Directors Roster

Sponsored by Heidrick & Struggles

Tracking of 125 directors added to 116 company boards from October to December 2014.

Board Composition
A focus on director tenure is on the Akin Gump “Top 10 Topics for 2015.”

Director Compensation
Board pay is on the rise, a Mercer study finds.

Board Skill Sets
By Fred Foulkes
HR leaders have what is needed for public board service.

Shareholder Relations
By Montieth Illingworth
Guidance on facing off with activists.

Five Questions with . . .
Nucor’s Dan DiMicco believes the U.S. can get its mojo back.


Legal Brief
By Doug Raymond
The cybersecurity scare: There are actions that directors can take to keep themselves within the protection of the business judgment rule.

On the Governance Agenda
By Dennis T. Whalen
Dealing with a heavy audit committee agenda: Follow the 80/20 Rule, understand that you can’t do it all at the formal committee meetings, and additional recommendations for agenda management.

Compensation Matters
By Blair Jones and Seamus O’Toole
Helping the boss get better: Boards should show a firm grasp of five key elements of successful CEO reviews.


Letter from the Chairman
By Robert H. Rock
A gentleman and a gentle giant: Chuck Fiero, my business partner and a mentor for over three decades.

Editor’s Note
By James Kristie
A winning mix: Editors likes to bring fresh voices as well as reliable ‘go to’ authors into their pages.

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